Press Release

Marine Hugonnier. Field Reports

  • Dates: October 24, 2023–January 21, 2024
  • Curator: Manuel Cirauqui
  • Film & Video gallery (103)

From October 24, 2023, through January 21, 2024, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao will be presenting the exhibition Marine Hugonnier. Field Reports in the Film & Video gallery, a space where the Museum exhibits key works of video art, audiovisual installations, and moving images as artistic language.

On this occasion, the Museum will host a unique installation by artist Marine Hugonnier (Paris, 1969). The core piece in the show, Meadow Report (2021), aims to draw attention to one of the first documents published on climate change, also known as “The Limits to Growth” or “Meadows Report,” which came out in 1972 and predicted the catastrophic consequences of constant unbridled exploitation of the Earth’s resources.



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