Press Release

June Crespo. Vascular

  • Dates: March 1 to June 9, 2024
  • Curator: Manuel Cirauqui

June Crespo’s sculptural practice forges a transformative dialogue with the concepts that have marked Basque art in recent decades, yet it also addresses radically contemporary topics like feminist sensibility and awareness of the crisis in natural ecosystems caused by the industrialized world.

Crespo’s production often integrates recognizable parts of receptacles or building structures like barrels, cement formwork, or iron pieces secured by straps, which are joined in Vascular by rescaled flower stems and parts arranged in intensely dynamic sets.

Along with a selection of recent works, the exhibition is also organized around new pieces which lend its name to the show. Aspects that recur in many of Crespo’s series converge in it, such as the sculptural or architectural use of photographic images and the presentation of industrially-manufactured supports. Both prop up the proliferation of tubular and cylindrical plant forms in space.

The exhibition suggests transmissions among all the works, which serve as connecting vessels and capillary networks in a project in which the artist reconsiders her own relationship with space as she recalibrates her oeuvre on a new scale.



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