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Joana Vasconcelos. I’m Your Mirror

Dates: June 29—November 11, 2018
Curators: Enrique Juncosa and Petra Joos, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
Sponsored by Seguros Bilbao

- Through the construction of light-hearted yet strikingly direct images that refer to socio-political issues relevant to post-colonial, globalized and consumerist societies, Joana Vasconcelos addresses topics ranging from immigration to gender violence.

- Like an alchemist of daily life, the artist transforms the everyday objects and clichés of the consumer society into open artworks laden with meaning.

- The exhibition includes previously unseen works like I’ll Be Your Mirror, an enormous Venetian mask formed by mirrors framed in bronze, and Solitaire, a gigantic engagement ring made from the wheelrims of luxury cars and glass whisky tumblers, thus combining some of the most stereotyped symbols of masculine and feminine desire.

- Egeria, a work which spreads through the Atrium of the Museum like a plant made of different fabrics, colors and textures, constitutes a metaphor for the occupation of museums by women.

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao presents the exhibition Joana Vasconcelos. I’m Your Mirror, a selection of thirty works produced between 1997 and the present day by the most internationally reputed Portuguese artist, including a site-specific installation for the Atrium of the Museum and various other new works. In this show, sponsored by Seguros Bilbao, viewers can submerge themselves completely in the universe of an artist with a direct and humorous vision of the world, whose work explains many of our society’s contradictions without any apparent effort.

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