Press Release

Giovanni Anselmo. Beyond the Horizon

  • Dates: February 9 to May 19, 2024
  • Curated by Gloria Moure
  • Exhibition organized by the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Space, time, orientation, magnetic fields, and the planet’s gravitational forces are the recurring themes that define Giovanni Anselmo’s artistic vocabulary.

This exhibition, which the artist was deeply involved in until just a few days before his death last December, aims to faithfully convey the depth of his vitality, the grandeur of his legacy, and the significance of his contribution.

Even though he shared certain artistic concerns and reflections of his time, being a referent of Arte Povera, which emerged in Italy in the late 1960s, Giovanni Anselmo avoided labeling by forging a corpus beyond styles and trends over the course of several decades.

In 1965, Anselmo experienced the dissolution of his “own shadow in the infinite” at the peak of the volcano Stromboli, when he became aware that he was part of a universe under constant transformation. This led him to present reality through materials and actions that occur due to interaction with the public or the forces around them.

Anselmo summons invisible, universal energies to create artworks that build a bridge between the visible and the invisible, everyday reality and the forces driving the world.



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