Press Release

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao presents its new website to coincide with its 25th Anniversary

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao launches its new website today, offering a fully immersive digital experience, which is visually striking and exciting, reinforcing the Museum's mission to contribute to artistic knowledge and enjoyment. Presented as part of its 25th Anniversary celebrations, the new website reflects the values that have inspired this event: celebration, the value of art and the Museum’s Collection, gratitude, inclusiveness, transformation, and future projection.

With a striking visual design, the new website encourages interaction between the Museum and its various audiences: art aficionados, educators, tourists, artists, young people, Members and Followers of the Museum, and Corporate Members, offering content tailored to the interests of each group, along with a number of digital experiences that include new high quality videos and photographs, virtual and 360 degree tours, as well as live broadcasts. Its dynamic design enhances the audiovisual material with contemporary graphics that can also be enjoyed on a mobile device.

Putting art in the spotlight

Works of art, like architecture, convey emotions. Although the face-to-face visitor experience is not comparable to that of the digital user, the new website is designed to arouse emotions virtually, putting art in the spotlight.

Emotions are stimulated through an innovative and dynamic design, which plays with coloured backgrounds, a mixture of two fonts (one more brutalist and the other more elegant and lightweight) and attractive chromatic variations. The main colours are black and white so that the works of art stand out, although depending on the exhibition the background colour varies, resembling the colours of the highlighted piece.

High definition photographs and videos also help to enhance the works of art. In order to provide users with a very visual first contact with the exhibitions and the Collection, when you select a specific piece, it is enlarged to full screen for a more immersive experience. In addition, through a collage animation, users can explore key features in each piece, making browsing a very playful experience.

After this initial sensory experience of the works of art, the new design allows you to uncover information about each piece in greater depth, offering access to a large number of resources and additional contents.

Demo video available here.


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